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Keep Your Pets from Destroying Your Computer

Keep Your Pets from Destroying Your Computer

Have you ever left your laptop open on a table or a desk and return to see that your cat is draped across the keyboard? It may seem like a cute anecdote, but the truth is that while having pets enhances our lives, they can be a problem for your technology. In fact, some studies put the repair/replace bill of pet-induced technology problems at around $3 billion annually. In this week’s blog, we discuss how to protect your computer from your four-legged friends. 

What Can Your Pets Do to Your Computer?

The main issue with pets and your computer is the shed hair that can get inside the system, but chewing of devices, cords, and the like is also a major culprit. Another issue is the litany of accidents that pets can cause that could damage or destroy a device. Think about it, you have your smartphone on the charger, your cat or dog comes along and hits the wire pulling the device off a table, shattering the screen. This kind of thing happens every day. 

Some people, who really love their pets, and have several of them, may not understand just how much hair is actually accumulating inside their technology until they open it up to be horrified that it looks like someone stuffed another pet inside the machine. 

Some Easy Tips to Help Protect Technology Against the Pet Menace

They aren’t always mischievous, but they have a tendency to get into things they don’t have any business getting into and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let’s take a look at the things you can do to help protect your technology from your pets.

Keep Things Clean

The best thing you can do is to keep your computer and the area around it clean. Pets like the warmth associated with constantly-running technology, so when you put your laptop on the floor, it won’t be a big surprise that Mr. Fluffy would find it a suitable place to plop down for his nap. 

Keep Cords Bundled

One of the most susceptible parts of your computer to pet abuse are your cords. Many cords have been chewed by puppies. This can not only be a safety hazard, it can be problematic for the lifespan of your keyboard, mouse, or charger. By keeping your cords organized and bundled up with a velcro band, your technology is less apt to be messed with by your furry four-legged friends. 

Keep Liquid Away from Your Devices

This one is one you may not consider until it is too late. If you have cats or small dogs, they tend to come visit you when you are at your desk or in your chair when you are working on your laptop. In an attempt to get closer to you they may (and will) knock over your drink. Nothing can damage a computer or accessory faster than a sugary drink spill. To avoid this, make sure that your drink is out of harm’s way when you are working with animals around.

We love our pets, but they just aren’t great for our technology. For more great tips and tricks that you can use at home or in the office, return to our blog regularly. 

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Sunday, June 04 2023

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